25 July 2008

How to fix Service Control Manager Error 7000 Win Common module service failed to start

This is a bit of a technical post that I wanted to just put out there in case someone else was having this issue. Anyhow, it's an error that shows up in the XP Event Viewer with the following details listed above:

Service Control Manager Error ID 7000

The Win Common module service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the path specified.

So, here's how you fix it. It seems that Service Control Manager is trying to load a service module called Win Common. This is probably referring to something that was removed from my HD and so is generating this error. What I did was to run HiJackThis using the /ihatewhitelists mode. You can look up how to do this by googling it. I then found the service entry referring to this problem and removed it. Simple as that. Apparently these Service Control Manager Errors can be a nightmare. I hope you solve it.

07 July 2008

Why I hate Lifehacker.com

Lifehacker.com is one of those sites that I have permanently blocked. The problem I find is that it's so addictive, especially if you take to posting on the site. I found I was just checking the thing all the time for the latest software releases and tips. It makes you feel so empty. So, I blocked it, and firewalled my mind against it. It's a time leech. That's my 2 cents on Lifehacker. Steve's tip is to block Lifehacker.com and get your life back. I personally use Leechblock, which is a Firefox Addon to block it. Love the addon. You can read all about it on Lifehacker.com or not.