24 February 2011

Domain Registry of Canada SCAM

The letter starts out with the words "As a courtesy to domain name holders...". If you got a letter in the mail that looks like this one I posted do not pay these crooks. Shred it. This is obviously a scam to try to get your to switch from your current domain registrar, in my case it was GoDaddy, to this company at hugely inflated prices. The document has the look of a Canadian Government document, designed to fool the unsuspecting person. If you don't look carefully you may be fooled by this document into thinking that you are about to lose your domain name unless you fork over some exorbitant sum of money. The scam is widely reported all over the internet. What's surprising is that such a business is permitted to operate without government shutting it down. The government is apparently aware of it Competition Bureau.

19 February 2011

Never Use Toilet Paper Again: Save a Fortune & Live More Hygienically

You probably use $50 in toilet paper a year, even if you buy the cheap stuff! Times that by the number of people in your family and it can add up fast. I recently installed a bidet on two of my toilets and it's so much better than wiping with paper. I ordered mine from Hydrojet for $25 plus shipping to Canada, which was around $5 USPS. I'm happy with this brand so far and recommend it. It took all of 5 minutes to install. I can't believe I didn't think of this 30 years ago; I would have saved $1500 in toilet paper if I had! So no more carrying big bundles of toilet paper home from the store; no more storing the stuff. It's way more civilized, cleaner and hygienic. Finally, I can count myself among those who isn't wiping his butt on the trees of the world. Brilliant.

Troubleshooting Air Video and/or StreamToMe Connection on OS X

Screen Shot Of Culprit
I thought I'd post a quick suggestion for anyone trying to figure out why they are having problems connecting an iOS device to Air Video or StreamToMe with the servers running in OS X. For me Air Video would not connect using the default settings but would only work with "Enable access from internet" set, which seemed strange. I know it wasn't my network because I have another Mac that streams video just fine using bonjour and the default settings. StreamToMe on the other hand couldn't find the running server on my iPad. So I knew something was wrong with my network setup.