06 September 2008

Copernic Desktop Search 3.0 Home (Free) Version gone to the dogs!!

I loved Copernic Desktop Search v2.3. It was better than Google, or Windows, or even X1. Anyhow, they've just released version 3.0 and they've taken back what has been given for free in previous versions. No more search as you type, or saving searches, for instance. And the biggie is that they're making the free version adware! Absolute Nonsense! Anyhow, I would suggest finding version 2.3 on one of those old version download sites and downloading that until something better comes along. Copernic, you're on the wrong track. Taking back features in an upgrade is pretty bad practice. Obviously greed is overtaking common sense. Why not just make the Pro version so much better that previous Home version users will gladly shell out the $50? It puts a bad taste in user's mouths and makes you not want to go Pro even if you might otherwise have. Anyhow, sticking with version 2.3 until something better comes along. Copernic Desktop Search 3.0 Review


Anonymous said...

+1 on that! They even took back the networked drives index function! Too bad for a home user that has a NAS or two. "He's not the messiah, he's just a naughty naughty boy".

Philosopher Dog said...

My very first comment! :) I guess I should do some more posting. I switched to the Macbook and searching is better although searching within files has a long way to go. There is a little program for this called Spotinside, which is great.