19 February 2011

Troubleshooting Air Video and/or StreamToMe Connection on OS X

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I thought I'd post a quick suggestion for anyone trying to figure out why they are having problems connecting an iOS device to Air Video or StreamToMe with the servers running in OS X. For me Air Video would not connect using the default settings but would only work with "Enable access from internet" set, which seemed strange. I know it wasn't my network because I have another Mac that streams video just fine using bonjour and the default settings. StreamToMe on the other hand couldn't find the running server on my iPad. So I knew something was wrong with my network setup.

Anyhow, start by checking the obvious things, like making sure that your firewall isn't set to stealth mode, and making sure your firewall isn't set to block all incoming connections. Also, make sure that Air Video and ServeToMe are listed in the firewall and all incoming connections is enabled for these entries. This is standard troubleshooting stuff that you should do first.

Now if this doesn't solve the problem go into your Airport Network settings. What I found was that I had set up a profile for connecting to my ISP directly through the modem. This profile was still active in my network settings and was causing my connection to crap out with Air Video and StreamToMe. So if this is your problem you are in luck. Simply right click on the entry in your network settings and inactivate it. As soon as I did this I had no problem connecting to either Air Video or StreamToMe. Hope this helps you.

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